Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Liba's property in Sosnowica

I just heard back from the friend-of-a-friend who helped with a translation from Polish. In the stack of papers that my father sent me several weeks ago, I had found a Polish document with Liba Waszerstrum's name in it. Through google-translate, I was able to make out that it had something to do with property.

I now have the full translation:

Government Of the Municipality of Woloskowla                           September 25, 1935


This governing body hereby declares that the woman who lives in the settlement of “Sosnowica” of this municipality – Liba Wasersztrum owns a house and a plot of land on which the house sits. Beyond this she possess nothing else in her estate, she is ‘in a poor state’.

This notification was prepared for Wasersztrum Liba who personally received it.

Signatures of officials of the gov. office
M Zielinski
J. Martyniuk

So now I know what the words mean. But what does the document mean? What does it mean that Liba was "in a poor state"? Why did she need this document? and why did Gittel have a copy? and why is this one of the only things that was saved, when all the other letters are gone (destroyed or lost, we will never know)?

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